A collaborative artistic research project, opening a new critical space within which to create/produce a platform for public awareness for art and criticism, through the presentation of contemporary art practice / dialogue, public discussions, and publications with unorthodox interventions, in order to explore what a great critical art forum could be for art and for the public in the Midlands. 

Homeland Projection in collaboration with Damer House Gallery is organising the eleventh year running project 'Homeland’ 2024 Video/Film – Loop and 10 years exchange with Barcelona Loop Festival.

 “There is no there, there”

Gertrude Stein's famous quote, “There is no there, there” is often understood as a slight, a pronouncement that a place has no substance. Nothing to see here. Stein was writing about returning to her childhood home in Oakland

We are delighted to invite you to participate to show case contemporary video art. Our focus is to show a selection of National and International film and video artworks for the duration of 2 weeks in Damer House Gallery, September 2024 and mid-November at the Loop Festival Barcelona 2024

This year we will select 3 to 4 Irish/International artists and invite one artist from Barcelona.

For this year's selection we are looking for a written proposal (approximate 550 Words) along with 4 stills.

The last day for receiving your written proposal and stills is Friday the 21/06/2024 @ 5pm sharp. The film length should be under 9 minutes no longer than 10 Minutes.