Lynne Hoare

THE AMUSEOLEUM presents 'Discard and Select' (The Whole Story)

Lynne’s concern for the environment and the ongoing and escalating climate crisis is the inspiration for this exhibition.

Using objects she finds, and lost or discarded items, she brings a new meaning to each object, providing the viewer with a provocative and engaging experience of every piece. Her love of nature and the natural environment is evident in her work.

At the same time, she raises questions about how we treat the fragile planet we live on, and the immediate environment around us.

Natural materials such as wood, seeds and cloth are used in conjunction with plastics, metal, and other manmade materials to suggest  other ways of thinking on what we use, what is useful, what we discard and why.

Her exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail provide a nostalgic, playful, and thought-provoking experience for the viewer.

This exhibition is funded with assistance from the Tipperary Arts Office. We thank the OPW for the use of The Black Mills.